I was born in Mexico, the largest city in the world where duality is certainly omnipresent, where life and death, joy and sadness, beauty and cruelty, corruption and consciousness are inseparable and coexist everyday. Life in it is as surrealist as a film by Luis Bunuel: "Too raw to be real and too good to be true." I grew up in this universe of colors, smells, music, tastes, emotions, passions, joys, sorrows, love, hate, heat and sunshine with images a la Jodorowsky. I lived my childhood in this surreal world that is Mexico City and from my earliest age, my life was embedded in the arts. It is said that those who survived to Mexico City can survive anywhere in the world! It takes creativity and imagination to live there. You must be somehow a " fragmented artist " in order to survive this immense and crazy city of nearly 30 million inhabitants! My country and especially my hometown are like the symbol used by the Aztecs on one side the SUN and the other, the MOON!
Its culture is half Indian and half Spanish! In my veins, there is a happy mixture of the four races! On my father’s side, I have Indian Aztec blood and on my mother’s side, I have a variety of mixtures: we have Spanish ancestry and others!

The pre-Columbian and Egyptian mythologies fascinate me as much as the Indian philosophy and the symbolist art. My work strives to create a balance between these different influences that come in my opinion, from the same spiritual journey, the one of elevation of human beings.

Ever since mankind exists, it has never ceased to wonder about life and death. It is a subject that has fascinated the ancient civilizations and continues to do today. Regarding this topic then, my work is my little world within. I share the thoughts of some civilizations: everything is alive in the universe, every species is important; every life has equal value as another. In my work, I am much inspired by Egypt, which is probably one of the civilizations that have most explored death and the afterlife. There was, as everyone knows, just a symbolism of death and the spirit behind those hieroglyphics, the pyramids, these sarcophagi, statues and these rituals.

The duality is omnipresent in my work: life and death, black and white, yin and yang. It follows me, touches me, inspires me and allows me to express all my emotions, my ideas and all these thoughts inside that I cannot express in words. Art is a true self-discovery. Although it is often unconscious and unspoken! It is the communion between body and mind; there is communication between humanity and the universe! It is an exploration of its own mystery and a motivation for my artwork!

I am a multidisciplinary artist. I have a diploma in visual arts from UQAM and I am the president of the artists group `` artists' footprint `` at Verdun. I believe life is an exchange and a sharing ... I invite you to enter my world through my artistic process. I am fortunate to live in the province of Quebec for several years now, and more precisely in Verdun. I organized and participated in various exhibitions, arts and social community in Verdun and elsewhere. I was with my brother Gabriel, one of the owner and founder of the first Art Gallery-Cafe in Verdun. I have always practiced the art ... any kind of art. Currently I am part of the team Frontenac Community Television where I do research, interviews, and where I have a program "Art and creativity in life`` where I am the presenter. I work with my brother Gabriel Garcia one of the teamwork of the program "Voces Indigenas" of Radio City Center where I am one of the presenters. I have also written several articles for small newspaper of the open city 2002. Currently, I collaborate with the Romanian virtual magazine "Terra Nova" terranovamagazine; I write articles under "visual arts" and "interviews" and also write in the Latino newspaper ``El Directorio Comercial `` directoriocomercialmontreal.

... I love writing poems, stories and maybe one day I'll finish the novel I started a few years ago!
I have contracts in cinema where I play small roles and do figuration. I love fashion and sometimes it happens to be a model and sometimes I organize fashion shows for haute couture. I also have extensive experience in organizing artistic events in which I participate as well. I like  communication and public relations and I am preparing for this year, several cultural activities. Currently, I show my paintings, in a group exhibition at Art Coffee " Café Fréjus « Verdun until May 11. I exhibited at the Galerie Inter Pallas which is part of the Romanian travel agency, from January 12 until March 7. And throughout 2008, I will exhibit with a group at various locations in Montreal and outside.

I love the multi-ethnicity of Montreal where people from different races, religions and backgrounds live in harmony.
Art is a true self-discovery, although it is often unconscious and unspoken!
You can read my artist statement in: lemagazineids/article-175033-Luz-Garcia-ou-lart-multifacettel